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Make mining enjoyable again

Ever gotten tired of mining endlessly with no goal in mind? No motivation to go strip-mining? No means to go on this repetitive task for ores? Well, this data pack aims to change exactly that.

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Why this datapack?

Custom treasures

This data pack introduces a whole new way of approaching mining with a huge reward system. Treasure has a chance to spawn when mining a stone-related block. These treasures are divided into several different tiers: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Biome specific

There are biome-specific treasures depending on which biome the player is in, which also motivates different bases in different biomes.

Custom items

This data pack includes over 80+ loot tables with custom armor, custom weapons, custom food, custom advancements and custom utility items and randomized stats, making many items feel unique.


There is a custom advancement system with 201 new advancements! This data pack introduces an insane addition of new achievements designed around the new custom features this data pack provides.

"So much content, I can tell a lot of work went into this, very impressive!"


"I love this pack so much. Mining is one of those grindy things in minecraft I used to hate so much but now it's got such an allure!"


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RealmsIf you have the data pack on realms you may notice that the overworld treasure are not working sometimes. The reason for this is quite peculiar. I first discovered this Realms bug when I asked the bug reporters to show me the files of Mine Treasure. It turns out Realms is programmed to rename every folder that has the name "World" in it to correspond with the Realms' name, which also includes data pack folders. Meaning the overworld folder Mine Treasure uses is renamed to over(REALMS NAME), hopefully this bug gets patched by Mojang in an upcoming version.
SpigotThough not something I would recommend for having multiple data packs, it has been tested with Mine Treasure and there were only one inconsistency. Due to Spigots blocking of NBT placement, it blocks containers with NBTs in them such as a chest with loot in it, meaning if you were to place one down, it will not contain loot. If there are other problems which does arise, please join our Discord so we can further discuss the problem.
PaperMCNo inconsistencies as of yet. However, if there are, please report it on our Discord.
FabricI personally recommend the use of Fabric for data packs as it performs very similar to Vanilla. However, if there appear to be issues, report it as always.
ForgeBarely tested this mod loader, but there seems to be no issue whatsoever.
QuiltVery similar to Fabric. There has been no testing with this mod loader. However, since it is built like Fabric I am going to assume there are no issues here.
OtherIf there are any other plug-ins/mod-related issues which is incompatible with Mine Treasure, please report it on our Discord so it may be resolved in a future update.
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